This is not a blog with an especial purpose, message, or criterion. It’s no more poetical, political, humorous, or religious than I am; I would like to share with you when I find interesting, amusing, and the little snippets of trivia and factoids that I stumble upon.

A little about me… many moons ago I completed my Doctorate at Oxford University. My research focused on Anglo-Indian-Tibetan relations during the Great Game, and how these have impacted our understanding of the region today.

I  then worked for Oxford Risk Analysis and Research as Operations Director for seven years. As a Oxford University spin out company we provided consultancy to various Government Departments and sectors of the Financial Services Industry both in the UK and worldwide. While it was quick paced, a steep learning curve, and we launched a range of excellent tools and services, it could never have been described as my ‘calling.’

Life changed in 2017 when we were blessed by the arrival of a beautiful and joy filled daughter, who now occupies most of my mind and all of my heart. I took the opportunity to take a change of direction, and for some years had the honour of being the Digital Partnerships Manager at the Pitt Rivers Museum in Oxford. My role was basically a smorgasbord of my backgrounds; academia and anthropology, digital tools and technology, project management, and a fierce pride in Oxford and her university. Collecting tat is also fun. Doing a good job in a good place is genuinely motivating. In time we were joined by a second bundle of happiness, and their growth is mesmerising.

Post Covid I was made redundant before starting work at the United Grand Lodge of England, first as an interim Deputy Director of Marketing and Communications, and then as Head of Special Projects. I was luck enough to lead on a Royal Visit, signing the Armed Forces Covenant, and a major revamp of the cafe and bar for our members. As Head of Special Projects I was engaged to deliver the tercentennial celebrations of the 1723 Book of Constitutions. This has been a significant milestone for the organisation, and was celebrated with a major new exhibition in the Musuem of Freemasonry, a feature film, podcasts, Especial Meeting of the Grand Lodge, as well as a conference, launch events, and even a range of merchandise.

I have always felt it is important to serve your community, and support organisations who uphold and bastion the values one holds dear. I therefore am a member of St Giles’ Church PCC, am a trustee of the Musuem of Freemasonry, Governor of a local school, and Senior Librarian and Trustee of the Oxford Union.

Our little family live near to Oxford, and enjoy bonfires and toasting marshmallows, catching newts, building dens, and anything unicorn related. I enjoy reminding myself what my friends look like, reading travel books, picking my daughters’ Weetabix out of my hair, and listening to all kinds of eclectic music. I love books… and I confess to still getting a thrill from opening them. I am trying to teach myself to play the ukulele… much to the annoyance of my wife and neighbours.

I count myself lucky that I have good friends with open, agile, and inquisitive minds. I love spending time with them.

I’m no oil painting I know, but this is a painting of me, done by a good friend of mine, David Cooke.

5 responses to “About

  1. Tan

    I love your painting posted here. It looks like 18th century 🙂

  2. Nice mess kit – your cap badge is too small for me to decipher your regiment… tanks?

    • I was never in the Army! The painting was for a friend who was applying to Art School at the time, and wanted to paint something/one in this style… the cap belonged to my father (who was also never in the Army!) and I don’t recall the regiment. I still have the coat however, and adore it… so warm!

  3. Have looked again… no spurs, or is that just cavalry ( my father was a cavalryman) ?

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