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“This guy tied hundreds of balloons to his house & travelled to South America to find a bird – that is why I am awarding him a bigly honour”


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May 24, 2017 · 5:38 pm

Traffic Jams on Everest

This is an excellent article on some of the dangers associated with climbing the word’s highest mountain.

Mid May usually marks the start of the climbing window for Everest, and this year the government of Nepal has issued climbing permits to 373 climbers, the most since 1953 in a single season.

I especially like the government’s suggestions to solve some of the traffic issues on the mountain (yes, even on Everest there are traffic jams!), save lives, and boost the mountaineering industry of the country as a whole by weeding out inexperienced climbers. The suggestion to make it mandatory for climbers to ascend either two 6,000 meter summits or one 7,000 meter summit in Nepal before initiating an Everest climb seems entirely sensible to me.

Find the full article here, and best of luck to all 800 climbers, including Sherpas, who  are currently siting at BC waiting for the window to climb Everest.

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Anna Creek, Australia 

Almost as big as England, this 11 million-hectare piece of land is said to the ‘the largest private, non-monarchical, non-state landholding on earth.’ The property, which is up for sale for $325 million, belongs to Australian pastoralist Sir Sidney Kidman, who bequeathed it to his family. The area, which is said to be the home of cattle and 150 people, is said to be so vast that the shortlisted bidders will need one week of flying inspections to see the entire holding.


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Edward Heron-Allen FRS

This chap must have been fun to have a pint with. I only met him through his study and literal translation of the Rubaiyat of Omar Khayyam, but he had one or two other tricks up his sleeve.



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India. A Portrait. Patrick French

Congress had not come this far, had not endured the Morley-Minto reforms (which allowed a limited number of Indians to elect legislators) and the 1919 Jallianwala Bagh massacre (in which nearly 400 unarmed demonstrators were killed) and the Simon Commission (talks about talks) an the Round Table conferences (further talks, in London) and the Government of India Act for 1935 (which introduced some provincial self-government) and the Quit India movement (total opposition to British rule during the Second World War) and the Cripps Mission (a time-wasting exercise) and the Bengal famine (in which several mission people perished) and the Simla conference (further talks) and the tortuous negotiations with viceroys Wavell and Mountbatten and the baroque bigotry and chilly indifference of prime ministers Winston Churchill and Clement Attlee, let alone the beatings and marches and bandhs (general strikes) and dharnas (mass sit-ins) and the repeated terms of imprisonment, only to concede power to hereditary monarchs.


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London Tweed Run 2017

Tickets have just been announced for the ninth annual London Tweed Run on Saturday 6th May.

Those dashing chap and lassies kick off at 11:00 am from Clerkenwell before taking in some of London’s finest landmarks, making stops along the way for light refreshments, and ending up in the park for a drink and a bit of a knees up. Splendid.

Tickets available from

Anyone keen? I’ll get my cap.


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The Silly Hat Brigade


Sir Herbert Samuel, seated centre, with Jerusalem church leaders and British officials, 1922.

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