Varsity Rugby 2011

Sorry, its been a quiet week on the Blog front… what with birthdays and colds I have been neglecting you all. Anyhow, yesterday was a brilliant day. A few good friends and I were lucky enough o be invited to the InBev box at Twickenham for the 2011 Varsity Rugby clash between our glorious university, and the other place.

Needless to say the final score reflected the status and standing of the two universities, but was, in reality, a secondary pursuit to that of refreshment.

I am exceedingly grateful to Andrew Hall of the infamous Rose & Crown, Stuart of InBev, Mark and Archie from Marstons, and the spectacularly beautiful dark haired girl on the train who prevented me from attempting to stop the 22:55 Glasgow to London train with the use of ‘the beer force.’

The boys in Dark Blue played well, the Light Blues, well, they turned up. Here’s to them, the vanquished

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