The Bayeux Travesty

This little nugget might just have slipped in under your radar over the weekend; the momentous news that the Bayeux Tapestry has finally been finished more than 900 years after it was commissioned… It seems that an enterprising group of residents of the Channel Island of Alderney have completed the concluding panels of the embroidery, which is believed to have lost its final sections… however the sections that they have ‘completed’ were left to their own imagination and interpretation (mostly sound) rather than any sort of original design or pattern…

The original tapestry is over 230ft-long tapestry and is thought to have been commissioned by Bishop Odo of Bayeux, William’s half-brother, and made about 1070… give-or-take… However it ends before the coronation of William in London on Christmas Day in 1066. The clever stitchers of Alderney have added three new panels now depicting William arriving in London to be crowned… obvious and important historical details all missing from the original. This was all covered in very ‘Telegraph’ style (there is even reference to a Royal visit…) over the weekend, and  can be found here on their website.

However, I have a better idea of how it should have all ended…

Tapestry*I have never seen Star Wars…

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