A More Cunning … Guess who Friday!

I have been neglecting our weekly “Guess Who Friday” feature… mainly because I have not been around on a Thursday evening to find favourably fiendish photographs. My apologies. But this one might just make up for it.

And before you all smile knowingly and say, “well that’s that nice young Mr Tennant, you know, the one off Dr Who...” it is not him that I am after. It’s the chap on the right of the picture. Yes, the dead one. (And “Alas, poor Yorrick” is also not an answer; you smug so-and-sos…)

Usual rules apply… no cheating, and answers on a PM, email, or text message!


BTW, I should make clear that this is in no way a “Halloween Special.” You can put your pathetic attempt at a ‘sexy zombie’ costume away. Please.


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2 responses to “A More Cunning … Guess who Friday!

  1. Peter Myatt

    I think I recognize him, Andre Tchaikowsky, pianist, died of cancer in1982. How much gin do I win?

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