Not Really Guess Who Friday

This week various things have been making me think about my times in India. As I am sure I have told you all, in about 1998 I taught English in a Tibetan monastery in McLeod Ganj in Himachal Padesh. The monastery is called Dip Tse Chock Ling, and I still have many wonderful friends and memories in the place… its what I think about when times are tough, or if I want clear thinking and exploring space. In short, it makes me happy; both as a space, idea, and record of all the good times I had there. So I thought I would share a couple of photos of my time there… I hope you like them!

Tim and Translators

This one was taken in Ladakh in about 2000 when I was working on development issues in the Zangskar valley. The chap on the left is our translator, Dorje Gyalpo, and Ash Spearing sits behind me on the Chorten.

Tim and Drip Tse Chock Ling MonasteryThis was about 1998, with the monks of Dip Tse Chock Ling.


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  1. Great photos, Tim! (They did trigger a few of my happy memories hanging out with Tibetologists at Wolfson for some reason. Thx!)

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