Morgan: Made in Malvern

I have always wanted a Morgan.

Ever since I first saw a +8 pooteling round the country lanes of Worcestershire, near to where we used to live and close to where they are still made. Ever since my Dad would explain to his wide eyed (and in my sister’s case, somewhat bored) offspring, that they could do 0-60mph in something like 7 seconds, and that the door handles came as an optional extra (‘gasps’ of amazement). Ever since I was allowed to sit in one at the Prescott Park Hill Climb in 1980 something, and was alarmed at how the steering wheel seemed to jut out at you at an alarming angle. Ever since I learned of their 22 section ash framed bonnets, each and every one hand beaten to match the car. And ever since I have been able to drive, I have always wanted one… despite being restricted to a go-cart (made by dad and I from pram wheels, a skipping rope, and odd timber) or the current (and very lovable) Murgatroyd the MX5.

These are things of rare and exquisite beauty. Stunning and timeless design, classic craftsmanship, attention to detail, and a gut wrenching power, in an elegant British classic. They are still hand made in the factory near Malvern, and this fascinating video shows you just how it is done:

If anyone happened to want to satisfy my cravings; either, an Aero8 Supersports, in midnight blue, cream leather interior, and blue piping, or a +8 in British Racing Green, burgundy red interior, with cream piping. I will leave the optional door handles to you.


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  1. Might we get a discount for purchasing 2?

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