Greasy Spoon in Pimlico

The Regency

I want to try this place… I know my wife has never read this blog, but it is conveniently just round the corner from her flat in London… so I am going to find an ‘excuse’ (mentioning a good local shoe shop normally does it…) to go here! Regency Café is a fabulous art deco ‘greasy spoon’ cafe in Regency Street, Pimlico. It opened in 1946, and seemingly little has changed… no snail ice-cream, no food served on roofing tiles, taster menus, and not a truffle in sight. It sounds perfect. In fact, the tea served here was described by in the Daily Telegraph, as “Proper builders’ tea, the stuff that once fuelled the docks, factories and steelworks of Britain; a mug of pure, liquid copper.”

Apparently it has been used in all sorts of films and TV shows, and some people complain that you have to wait to be served, but you will find me in the queue next time I am in London and in need a bacon sandwich.

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  1. Dear Tom, It’s a great cafe and has been for more than 50 years; but it isn’t in Pimlico!

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