A childhood in Marrakech

This little gem comes to us courtesy of Maison de la Photographie de Marrakechv and is by local photographer Abderrazzak Benchaâbane. It forms part of their October exhibition of photographs entitled : ”A childhood in Marrakech”. Worth a visit if you are planning a trip to Morocco!


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2 responses to “A childhood in Marrakech

  1. Jane Hanson

    It’s difficult to make a clay body up from a recipe that just says crushed flint and glass with quartz – the ball clay is comprehensible. i want to make a grave stone for my mother’s grave – there are 4 other coad stones in our church yard in Waterstock – any more detailed recipe known ?? i’m a local potter. Jane.

    • Jane, for some reason your comment has come onto a different page on my blog, but I assume you want the recipe for Coadstone? Sadly, this does seem to have been lost! Sorry I am unable to help, unless others on here have any ideas? Best of luck with your memorial stone, and do let me know if you discover more examples and info. Tim.

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