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The demise of the chicken korma brown loafer

This chap has a point… it is high time we call an amnesty on some of the more ‘millennial’ monstrosities lucking in the back of the shoe closet. I love the description of the awful and ubiquitous “chicken korma brown loafer” and confess that while I don’t own a pair of loafers, I might be singled out for possessing a pair of zip up brown ankle boots.


This is a call to arms… and a clarion call from the nation’s feet.


Just as a little postscript to all this, I was genuinely saddened to learn today that Ducker & Sons of the Turl is closing down. Now in his 70’s the skilled and charming proprietor, Bob Avery, has decided to retire. The site has sold hand made and beautiful constructed shoes since 1898. Customers over the years have included such luminaries as Baron von Richthofen, J.R.R. Tolkien, Evelyn Waugh, as well as more pedestrian pedestrians such as myself. See the difference:

A Duckers Oxford Semi-Brogue

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