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What if an all-electric vehicle was bespoke, hand crafted, and exhilarating to drive?

Both of you that follow this blog will know that I am a fan of those ‘hand made little green racers from Malvern.’ I refer of course to the Morgan Car Company and the frankly dazzling machines they (very slowly and carefully) craft.

Last week the Morgan EV3 made its world debut at the 2016 Geneva Motor Show. Morgan have essentially asked “what if an all-electric vehicle was bespoke, hand crafted, and exhilarating to drive?” What if indeed!? I have had the pleasure of driving a couple of electric vehicles over the years. While the recent Tesla Model S was certainly luxurious and had incredible acceleration, it was a little like driving an electric canal barge round the back streets of Oxford. I enjoyed my migrations in the hybrid Prius, but could never have described them as ‘exhilarating.’

The EV3 is Morgan’s first electric vehicle, and production is due to start in Q4 of this year. Their website claims that pricing and performance figures will be comparable to their petrol 3 wheeler. (And what a glorious statement that is… I wonder who else currently manufactures a 3 wheeler.) It is hoped it will have an operational range of 150 miles, which is just enough to pop to London and back.

ev3h12  This year also marks 80 years of the longest running production car in the world. Of course, it is also a Morgan, and to celebrate Morgan have announced a limited edition 80th anniversary 4/4. The Morgan 4/4 was first launched in 1936 at exhibitions in London and Paris, and if those clever chaps came up with this design 80 years ago, just imagine what they might conjure in 80 years hence.  

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