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Space Oddity and Space Odyssey

Having been following Chris Hadfield tweets and posts from the International Space Station for some time I can confirm that he is a complete legend. His Q&A sessions about life in space are fantastic, and have been widely distributed, and he has a regular spot on Canadian radio. This latest offering has just sent him even higher (if that is possible) in my estimation.

Commander Hadfield recorded David Bowie’s Space Oddity (with some minor tweaks) inside the ISS … the footage is amazing.

(Prediction alert:) This is going to be huge.

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Time Lapse View from Space

This is the most awesome footage created by time lapse sequences of photographs taken by the crew of expeditions 28 & 29 onboard the International Space Station from August to October this year. The photos were taken at an altitude of around 350 km above the earth, gobsmacking enough, but the images that capture lightening and the green Aurora are just amazing.

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