Be proud to be a decent American…

I know I have been neglecting you all (both) again… but I bet you have all been on holiday somewhere glamorous, and frankly have better things to be doing than reading the nonsense that amuses me… however I came across this fantastic clip of the Irish President, Michael D Higgins, ranting at a US radio talk show host about the tea party. He really does work himself up, but I believe shows a real passion in politics that is often lacking this side of the pond.

The clip has gone viral in the US over the last week; I have no idea why given that its now over 2 years old, but it shows Higgins, being ‘interviewed’ by the conservative chat show host Michael Graham on Newstalk… Graham gets about three words in.

In a theme that has been discussed on this blog before, and is a bugbear of mine, the president slammed the tea party movement and their use of fear to feed US politics: “The tactic is to get a large crowd, to whip them up, try and discover what is the greatest fear, work on that and feed it right back and you get a frenzy.”

“This tea party ignorance that is being brought all around the United States is regularly insulting people who have been democratically elected.”

The controversial radio host responded: “Deputy Higgins, I’m not going to insult you by bringing up your lack of knowledge on the tea party movement in the United States,” but this only inflamed the diminutive (if only in stature) President who retorted, “You have the neck to say that people like me… are somehow in favour of murdering Jewish people – that is an outrageous statement. I wish you well, keep drinking Guinness and keep ranting away.”

But the 71 year old saves the best till last, lambasting his host, and advising him to “Be proud to be a decent American, rather than being just a wanker whipping up fear.” I wish British politicians gave similar advice.


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3 responses to “Be proud to be a decent American…

  1. Philip Stewart

    Dear Tim: What’s the link for the Higgins interview? xx Ph

  2. Philip, was the link I gave you not the right one? I am glad you found it either way! x t

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