Total rot.

I have been trying to work out how WordPress works… reminding myself so that I can go about rebuilding our work website. It all seems quite easy, but one thing I cant quite work out is why WordPress ‘suggests’ such odd things for me to read… they are normally total rubbish… essays about pet hamsters, photo assignments of denture clinics in Eastern Germany, the semi-lucic political ramblings of a Peruvian corn farmer, the diet plans of West Coast Canadians, or a blogpost about how to build the perfect coracle… you get the picture… (likewise, I do wonder what other people make of the nonsense that I churn out… but then, its not really for them…)

Anyhow, WordPress suggest that I explore the site of a young lady called Anuschka Rees. It turns out she is quite the blog merchant, handy with her camera, and has some interesting ideas. Lord knows why WordPress might think she and I have anything in common, but her blog is cool, and worth checking out here.

Anyway, the best thing on her site was a nifty calendar of the seasonality of fruits and vegetables. Do check them out… good when considering air miles, packaging, and hothousing etc!

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