D-Day Plus One (and 69 years)

Yesterday was the 69th anniversary of the Normandy landings, the massive Allied Invasion of France, that was known as “D-Day.” Events on both sides of the channel have commemorated the bravery of the troops who fought their way up the beaches, as well as honoured the fallen.

It all got me thinking; what were the blood soaked beaches (think of the opening sequences of Saving Private Ryan) like the day afterwards? On D-Day +1?

Well, having done a little research I can show you… while the massive Mulberry Harbours were being constructed on Omaha Beach and at Arromanches, this photo shows that there was a continuous landing and deployment of Allied troops, supplies, and equipment to the beach heads. Barrage balloons can be seen keeping watch overhead for German aircraft while scores of ships unload men and materials. The sheer activity of it is impressive, and if you ever get to go to Arromanches, do be sure check out the remains of the harbour. They are genuinely impressive, and very moving.

D-Day Plus One

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