Metro Goldwyn Mayer Lions

I thought I would share this image with you. Once it has been seen, it can not be unseen! The MGM lion is standing on a box!

Judging by the technology, and the clothes of the technicians, I assume the photo comes from the 1921 or 1924 lion. I wonder how long they had to film while waiting for him to roar? Also, he does not seem to have any leash or rope on him… I hope he had a go at the camera man!


Incidentally, for the real (reel?) geeks out there, MGM have used nine lions over the years:

Goldwyn Pictures Lion #1, 1921

– Goldwyn Pictures Lion #2, 1924

– MGM – Slats the Lion, 1924

– MGM – Jackie the Lion, 1924-1928

– MGM – Jackie the Lion, 1928-1929

– MGM – Rusty the Lion, 1932

– MGM – Tanner the Lion, 1934

– MGM – George the Lion / Brief Mane, 1956-1957

– MGM – Leo the Lion, 2008

I’m off… time for a lie-in….

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