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London Tank

I have just found this brilliant photograph of a Soviet T-34 tank, that can be found, of all places, on Mandela Way in Bermondsey, South London. 

Leaving any ‘Only Fools and Horses’ jokes about Mandela Way aside, the tank was an elaborate 32-ton gift one father gave to his seven year old son… some toy! Local legend also has it that the tank was installed by a disgruntled landowner who had apparently lost a planning battle with the local council. The council once tried to have the tank removed from the wasteland it occupies, believing it had been dumped, but then found out that the son owns the rights to the land as well as the tank! The tank’s gun sights are also rumoured to be set on the council offices, 

Only slightly more mundane rumours tell how the tank took part in the bloody Prague Spring of 1968 before it was imported to London to be used in the 1995 film version of Richard III before being abandoned on wasteland.

I want a tank for Christmas now!Image

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