Fantastic to Faceless: Lamenting the Loss of Sausage and Mash

This from Pennyforathink’sBlog… (which is excellent) about the demise of the Big Bang (which is sadly no longer.)

Max Mason in his coffin. RIP.

A really good appraisal of the sorry state of affairs in Jericho and the slow and grinding loss of “side street quirks, itty bitty little pubs and restaurants, higgeldy piggeldy shops, unusual and hearty local food and interesting people are what makes a town more than a grid system of streets.”

I could not have put it better myself… follow this link. I loved the line about “White bread consumerism for the 21st century; menus online, credit cards accepted.”

I have little doubt that Max will reincarnate somewhere, in some form, but for now, we have all lost something more than bangers and mash.

The Last Night of the Big Bang. Just before the coppers arrived. (again.)

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