Piano Wisdom

I have been helping a friend with her new Blog… It’s a bit like the blind leading the blind while we navigate the high seas of the web, but the project is going well, and I think we are both pleased with the results.

You can find her Blog at: http://pianowisdom.wordpress.com/ or follow this link.

Her approach is all about Piano Wisdom… Piano Wisdom is dedicated to committed pianists who have developed injuries through playing and who are looking for a long term solution towards their own pianistic health.  If you want to avoid operations and injections and sort out the root of your playing related problems, then this is for you! I have recommended her to a few of my ivory fingered friends, but if you have any questions, or indeed comments on her Blog, do get in touch.

The Blog currently features some snazzy new videos of her techniques for teaching, and thoughts on students learning the piano. The plan is to update it regularly, and incorporate new interview style videos and tips for gaining the best possible sound whilst tinkling the old Joanna!


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2 responses to “Piano Wisdom

  1. By golly, how do you know Charlotte? Have you just gone out and befriended the entire Oxford telephone directory? :p

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